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How to choose a supermarket fruit rack

What are the material classifications of supermarket fruit shelves? How to choose supermarket fruit shelves? Common supermarket fruit shelves on the market can be divided into the following categories: 
1. All-wood fruit and vegetable racks All-wood fruit and vegetable racks are generally pine or fir wood, and the boards are connected with silk. The all-wood fruit and vegetable racks have a generous appearance and good display effect. They are suitable for food storage display, dry goods display and fruit display, etc. Disadvantages It is not suitable for the post-maintenance of wood, and the mobile assembly is more complicated. It is suitable for use in supermarkets, shopping malls and other places that are not frequently adjusted;   
2. Steel-wood combined fruit shelf  This kind of shelf is based on the all-wood vegetable and fruit shelf, and the support structure is connected by high-quality square tube structure or angle iron welding or screw connection. Fruit and vegetable display baskets are made of wood, and the advantage of steel-wood combined fruit and vegetable racks is that the supporting structure is steel, the steel structure is simple, easy to disassemble and assemble, sturdy and durable, which is convenient for transportation. 
3. Steel fruit and vegetable rack Steel fruit and vegetable rack adopts square tube welded structure, frame split structure, which can be freely assembled, and fruit display baskets are made of high-quality plastic. The advantages of steel fruit and vegetable racks are simple structure, convenient transportation, and good fruit display effect, because the steel structure can be considered in the form of multi-layer display and bottom storage to maximize the store display effect. The fruit basket adopts a breathable structure, which is beneficial to the breathability of the fruit and increases the shelf life of the fruit.    After listening to the editor's explanation, do you think you already have a certain understanding of the supermarket fruit racks and the prices of wooden fruit racks?

DCSGJ-GM-20170601 Multi-Layer Rack

Name:Multi-layer vegetable and fruit rack

Series:Fresh vegetables and fruits rack

Product number:DCSGJ-GM-20170601

Shape:Single side against the wall type, island type

Color:Regular teak color, optional

Material:Steel and wood structure, the metal can be all steel, all aluminum, stainless steel, sprayable, and can be plated with titanium

The wood board is usually synthetic board, and the fence has a variety of materials to choose from

Function use:Applicable to the display and sale of fruits and vegetables

Base unit specifications:Length: 800/1200mm

Width: 800mm

Height: 850mm

Standard:Achieve low-carbon standards as a whole

Advantages and characteristics:Robust and stable without deformation, corrosion resistance, long service life, high bearing capacity, convenient transportation, easy installation, components and components can be spliced ​​to increase capacity, video guidance, environmental protection, ergonomics, durable and beautiful, convenient to browse while shopping .

Application scenarios:Can be placed in supermarkets, convenience stores, retail stores, shopping malls

Enterprise Commitment:The factory has the lowest direct selling price, accepts customization, and provides free overall plan design. Most suitable for one-stop purchase before opening, saving cost and time