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How to combine shelves more reasonable?

How to combine shelves more reasonable?
Supermarket shelves have a simple structure, are very convenient to disassemble and install, and are not expensive. So how to make full use of the functions of the shelves, not only to increase the benefits of the supermarket, but also to make the space more reasonable, the following The editor will show you how to organize the shelves more reasonably.
1. The main point of supermarket shelves is that they are clean and tidy. Only shelves with clean and tidy appearance will attract customers, and supermarket shelves should be inspected regularly to prevent damage.
2. Under normal circumstances, our average vision is about 110° to 120°, the visible width is between 1.5 meters and 2 meters, the viewing angle when shopping is about 60°, and the visible size is about 1 meter. , so the seller should combine the customer's visual habits and use the supermarket shelf to ensure that the products are neatly placed, which will make the customer feel very comfortable, and then improve the purchasing power.
3. There are many layers of supermarket shelves, but the most convenient for customers is the center, because it is parallel to the customer's line of sight and can be reached by hand, so the sales of these layers are relatively large.