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How to remove peculiar smell from fruit racks in supermarket shelves

When placing fruit and vegetable racks, it needs to be adjusted in advance so as not to waste the utilization of storage space later, because the fruit and vegetable racks still take up space. If you only pursue beauty and style matching, you will often ignore the feasibility and convenience of actual operation. The overall tone of supermarket shelves and decorations is closely related to the overall appearance of goods, mainly in whether they can be stacked, hung, vertical, horizontal, bulk, etc.
Shelves should be designed to ensure that items have appropriate storage areas and spaces, and imported food racks allow items to effectively represent different layout levels. According to the order of the turnover rate of goods, the goods that are frequently in and out should be placed on the shelves closest to the import and export. Of course, with the changes in the product life cycle, seasons and other factors. The goods marking should not only be carried out from the outside, but also from the same direction, so that the staff can always go smoothly without interference, confirm the marking, facilitate the work, and improve the work efficiency.
Bacteria can grow on fruit and vegetable shelves. The following are common treatments: Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate soda is sodium bicarbonate. Take 500 grams of baking soda into two bottles and put them on the shelf. Odor can be removed. With a comprehensive deodorant, put 50 grams of scented tea into a gauze bag and put it on a shelf to eliminate odor; with an orange peel deodorant, take an appropriate amount of fresh orange peel, dry it, and sprinkle it on the shelf. After about 3 days, you can get rid of the odor and have a scent.
In addition to using sandalwood soap to remove odor, put a piece of sandalwood soap on the shelf to remove the wrapping paper, and the effect of removing odor is also very good; smell the fragrance with lemon, cut the lemon into small pieces, and put it on the shelf to remove the odor. Use charcoal to get rid of odors, chop up the right amount of charcoal, put it in a small bag, and put it on the fruit and vegetable rack. The deodorizing effect is good and can be repeated several times, because charcoal is a very good activated carbon, and the effect of removing odor is very good.

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