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How to rust and maintain the shelves?

How to rust and maintain the shelves?
After the shelf has been used for a few years, some rust will inevitably occur. At this time, it is divided into the beauty of the shelf, and we need to derust the shelf by ourselves.
European standard storage reminds you not to soak the rusted shelves in dilute hydrochloric acid for too long, otherwise the substances inside will be reacted easily after removing the rust on the surface of the shelves. For example, it will react with iron after removing rust.
The rust on the shelf can be removed by small air or electric power.
This method is mainly powered by electricity or compressed air, installs appropriate rust removal rack equipment, and performs reciprocating or rotating motions to meet the requirements of rust removal of shelves.
Pallet racks, such as angle grinders, wire brushes, pneumatic needle beam rust removers, pneumatic rust hammers, toothed rotary rust removers, etc., are semi-mechanized equipment. Rust, old coating, etc., can roughen the shelf coating, and the power is better than manual rust removal, up to 1~2m2/h, but it cannot remove the oxide scale, the surface roughness is small, and the surface treatment quality cannot be achieved. , the work efficiency is lower than that of the spray treatment.
It can be used in the shelf part and in the large warehouse shelf logistics base.
High-pressure water abrasive for rust removal. The impact of high pressure water jet (plus abrasive grinding) and water skid damage corrosion and coating adhesion to shelf steel. It is characterized by no dust pollution, no damage to the shelf steel plate, and the rust removal power can reach more than 15m2/h, and the rust removal is good. However, the shelf steel plate after rust removal is easy to return to rust, and special wet rust removal paint must be painted, which has a great influence on the painting of general functional paint.
Shot blasting rust removal is to use a high-speed rotating impeller to throw abrasives on the steel surface of the shelf to achieve the purpose of rust removal. The laminate shelf is a relatively good mechanical treatment method, which not only has high production efficiency, but also has low cost and high degree of automation. It can complete the assembly line operation with less environmental pollution, but it only operates indoors.
Chemical rust removal is mainly a rust removal method that uses acid and metal oxides to react chemically, and then removes rusted products on the metal surface of shelf materials.
1. The shelves with different specifications for preventing overweight are made according to the load-bearing plan. Therefore, the weight of the goods placed on the shelf is within the acceptable weight of the shelf. It is better to place the products on the shelves with load-bearing and load-limited signs. It is necessary to follow the principle of light weight on the bottom of the shelf, that is, put heavy objects on the bottom and light objects on the top.
2. Anti-high temperature and anti-humidity. Although the shelf columns and beams are all made of steel, and the surfaces have been sprayed with high temperature by acid washing and phosphating, they may rust after a long time after being exposed to moisture, which will affect the service life.
3. Formulate protection and maintenance guidelines for store shelves. Store clerks learn and follow. Generally, wiping, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment and other methods can be used to maintain the equipment, so as to reduce the probability of shelf damage and help the company reduce capital expenditures.
4. Five punctual inspections are performed on storage shelves. That is, regularly check the tightness of the bolt connection of the shelf; regularly check the connection between the beam and the column, whether there is any damage; punctually check the force of the beam when the goods are stored on the shelf; punctually check whether the shelf parts are peeled off paint and repair the paint in time ; Regularly check the stability of the shelf, you can stand in the shelf and shake the shelf lightly to check its stability under force.