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Installation steps of supermarket fruit and vegetable shelves

1. The hanging single-sided column with footing is composed of three parts: column, footing, and front baffle pendant. Before installation, check whether the parts are in good condition and whether the scale is correct. After the inspection, install the footing adjustment screw according to the ground. Adjust the height of the footing screws for a flat condition.
2. After installing the column, you can install the back plate (the advantage of installing the back plate first is that it can fix the columns at both ends). The back plate is generally installed from bottom to top, and the hanging feet at both ends of the back plate are symmetrically inserted into the column on the column. It can be installed in the inner long hole, and other backplanes follow the same installation method.
3. The installation method of the front baffle is the same as that of the back plate. The hanging feet of the front baffle are symmetrically inserted into the inner long holes on the front baffle pendant of the footing.
4. Next, install the bottom board of the lower layer, put the bottom board into the groove on the footing, pay attention to the inner side of the board to be close to the back board, and ensure that there is no significant gap between it and the back board.
5. The installation position of the support arm is determined by the number of layers of the shelf. After confirming the number of layers of the shelf, insert the support arm into the inner long hole on the column (the support arm and the back plate are placed in the same hole). The arm should also remain level.
6. After the support arms are installed, place the laminates on the support arms at both ends smoothly, and adhere to the backboard without gaps. The same method is used for other laminates.

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