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Several common backplane styles for supermarket shelves

Several common backplane styles for supermarket shelves
Supermarket shelves are composed of columns, upper and lower spacers, backboards, bottom plates and other components. The backboards of supermarket shelves have various styles including wooden backboards, mesh backboards, and hole backboards. While ensuring the overall beauty of the supermarket shelves, it also plays a role in stabilizing the shelves. The following Guangzhou shelf manufacturers will briefly talk about some of the more common backplane styles for us.
Wooden back shelf
This type of shelf is used more in maternal and child stores, bakeries and other food stores, imported supplies stores and other places. In terms of appearance, wooden-backed shelves are relatively beautiful, and will give customers a very warm and affectionate feeling. It doesn't feel too cold like the steel shelves.
Hole back shelf
Hole-backed shelves are the most commonly used supermarket shelves. They are mostly used in community convenience stores, small supermarkets, drug supermarkets and other places. The raw material of stainless steel makes it have a long service life and is not easy to be damaged.
Mesh Backplane Shelf
The form of the mesh back panel is also often called the back mesh. The characteristic of the back mesh is that it has good permeability and is relatively convenient in terms of installation. It is suitable for convenience stores, stationery stores and other types of stores.
No matter what style of shelf has its own advantages, some are more dominant in beauty, and some are more dominant in practicality. The given psychological price to choose, do not blindly follow the trend. Expensive is not necessarily good, cheap is not necessarily bad, as long as it suits you.