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Supermarket shelf manufacturers teach you shelf rust removal

Supermarket shelf manufacturers teach you shelf rust removal
The material of supermarket shelf manufacturers is a kind of commonly used steel. In the process of processing, it is necessary to do a process called rust removal. However, when we store it for a long time or we don’t pay attention to the time of storage and operation, there may still be signs of rust. Signs, then the question is coming, how should our Hebei export angle steel manufacturers correctly carry out rust removal and daily maintenance on the rusted Hebei export angle steel?
It is understood that because the angle steel exported from Hebei is often exposed to the air before operation, the steel will undergo a series of chemical reactions with the oxygen and water in the air after a long time, and rust will appear, commonly known as corroded, raw Rusted.
However, because the rust will affect the functional performance and use effect of the angle steel exported from Hebei, there may be some bad contact gaps between the connecting structural parts between Luoyang I-beams. And delaying the speed of the completion of the project will lead to bad results and even lead to the collapse and rework of the project. Therefore, before each use of Luoyang I-beam, it is necessary to carry out rust removal treatment to remove small rust spots, prevent corrosion from becoming larger, and affect the performance and effect of I-beam.
Hebei supermarket shelf manufacturers can usually use rust remover to treat the oxidized surface of Hebei export angle steel to prevent the appearance of rust and other abnormal sites. In addition to the conventional protective measures, when using Hebei export angle steel, you can try your best to It is placed in a relatively dry environment, such as a warehouse under a greenhouse, and warehouse managers also need to pay attention to daily maintenance, so as to prevent unnecessary rust from the angle steel exported from Hebei.