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The display advantages of fruit store shelves

On the same street, there are fruit shops, some with good business and some with bad business. In addition to the difference in business level, there are also factors in the display of fruit shop shelves. A good fruit display can highlight the characteristics of the fruit, enhance the attractiveness of the fruit, stimulate the desire to buy, and thus increase the sales volume.
Supermarket shelf manufacturers talk about the three essentials of fruit store shelf display:
1. T-shaped display
This is the main form of display in the promotion area. The display surfaces that customers can see in the promotion area are all T-shaped, and the height of the fruit above the table surface is at least 40-45cm;
2. Prevent vacant waste
People's line of sight is from the area below the eyes to the chest. The goods in this area must be fully utilized and cannot be vacant and wasted. This is the golden display area;
3. The importance of softness. Yellow, orange, and orange-red fruits should be displayed near the passage, so that it is easier to attract attention and flow of people.