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The principle of placing tobacco and wine cabinets

Tobacco and alcohol cabinets can often be seen in stores, and many people need to choose tobacco and alcohol cabinets when opening a store. When I was choosing, I found that I didn't know much about them, so everyone knows what should be paid attention to when placing the tobacco and alcohol cabinet?
The principle of placing tobacco and wine cabinets
​​1. The display of cigarette products on the counter and shelf should be regularly placed according to the manufacturer's region, brand family, price, color and other factors, so that the classification is clear, the key points are prominent, the priorities are clear, and the colors are well-organized. Clear distinction and harmony. The commonly used classification methods are: price display method, manufacturer display method, brand series method, highlighting key method, centralized display method, and comparison display method.
​2. The display of cigarette products is a silent advertisement. We should strive to increase the beauty and attractiveness of the display, or make full use of the number of existing products for centralized display, or flexibly use materials to increase the visual impact on consumers, or fully create a personalized atmosphere , so that the style is unified, neat and clean, concentrated and eye-catching, and pleasing to the eye.
3. Any customer wants to choose from a variety of products. If they see that there are only a few products left on the shelf, they will have doubts. A survey report shows that the sales volume of goods sold in supermarkets with full display is 14% to 130% higher than that of supermarkets with non-full display, and the average sales volume is 24% higher.
​​4. With the information description, it attracts consumers to read, and also gives consumers time and space to buy independently, which can promote consumers to buy. A survey shows that the effects of different additional information are as follows: advertising information plus brand can increase sales by 24%; brand plus product benefits can increase sales by 18%; brand plus benefits and prices can increase sales by 33%.