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What are the functions of supermarket shelves?

1. Attract customers and expand sales
The effect of the supermarket shelves, under the careful design of the art staff, through the pictures composed of colorful products and props, intensely attracts the attention of customers. This will have an important effect on attracting customers, increasing the rate of customers entering the store, and expanding sales.
2. Introduce products and guide consumption
Today, with the increasing development of product production, the varieties of products operated by retail supermarkets are becoming messier and messier, and there are more and more colors. When customers see colorful and dazzling products, they often fail to recognize the point and quality of the products. and usage, resulting in hesitation and wait-and-see psychology, which affects the sales of supermarkets. The effect of supermarket shelves is to display new products, seasonal products, and main products in a timely and planned manner, introduce them to customers intuitively, and provide convenience for customers to choose the products they need. Shelf furnishings can introduce the function and usage of a product in detail and vividly. Through the introduction of the shelf, people know a certain kind of business, and they can buy it with confidence. Therefore, shelf display can play the role of promoting and counseling to help customers choose products.
3. Renovate storefronts and beautify the city
The display of supermarket shelves has a very important effect on decorating storefronts and beautifying the city. The effect of the supermarket shelf itself is a work of art that can give people beautiful enjoyment. In addition, the windows are all set along the street, which, like the storefronts of shops, can decorate and beautify the market and streets.

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  Components and components can be spliced, and the length of the display rack can be adjusted. The display rack is divided into five layers. The shelf is closed on the top, and the top is advertising. It is strong and stable without deformation, corrosion resistance, long service life, high bearing capacity, convenient transportation, and installation Convenient, video guidance, in line with the principles of human mechanics, durable and beautiful.