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What are the maintenance tips for supermarket shelves?

1. Choose the appropriate size cardboard, it should not be too large and small;
2. Don't step on the shelf when picking up the goods at a high level, which is not very safe;
3. Pay attention to the maximum load capacity of the shelf itself, and it should not exceed this value when displaying goods;
4. When displaying products, pay attention to the principle of placing light objects on the upper layer and placing heavy objects on the bottom layer;
5. When handling and moving the shelves of the pharmacy, care should be taken to avoid collision and damage to the shelves;
6. Pay attention to the size of the goods when placing the goods, not super high and super wide, so as to avoid accidents when the goods fall;
7. Do a good job of daily cleaning. If there are water stains on the shelves, they should be wiped dry in time. If there are stains, clean up immediately;
8. Check the appearance quality of the shelves from time to time to see if they are loose, rusted and damaged. When there is a big problem, you should replace the shelves in time to avoid leaving hidden dangers in the future;
9. The surface of the shelf is treated to a certain extent during production, but because the material is mostly metal, you should also pay attention to moisture-proof. Remember to avoid placing the directly edible items on the shelf to prevent poisoning or leave food safety hazards.

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