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What are the reasons for the deformation of supermarket shelves?

1. The placement of the goods exceeds the carrying capacity of the storage shelves, that is, when the storage shelves are purchased, the supermarket shelf manufacturer will select the corresponding data according to the carrying capacity of the goods, and if in actual use, the weight of the goods on the shelf exceeds the data selected at that time. When the weight is high, the shelf will be deformed.
2. The uneven distribution of the weight will cause the deformation of the shelf. For example, when placing the goods, the weight of each layer of goods is concentrated in the center part, and the two sides do not carry the weight of the goods, which will definitely form the shelf deformation.
3. Don't pay attention when transferring. When using transfer equipment such as forklift to operate the goods, because of the driver's problem, the forklift will hit the shelf, and then the shelf will be deformed.
4. The selection of materials, when customers buy shelves, they will inevitably encounter some bad shelf manufacturers, cut corners, make up for it, and then deform the shelves.

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