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What are the types of supermarket shelves

Supermarket backboard shelves are divided into single-sided backboard shelves and double-sided backboard shelves. The single-sided back panel of the supermarket has one side for storing goods. And the back is flat. Place it on the side against the wall, or place two single-sided supermarket shelves side by side. Conducive to saving space. Moreover, the shelves of double-sided supermarkets can be placed on both sides of the shelves. The advantage of backboard supermarket shelves is that their carrying capacity is better than that of backboard supermarket shelves. Its downside is that it is bulky. Inconvenient to move.
The shelves of back mesh supermarkets also have single-sided back mesh supermarket shelves and double-sided back mesh supermarket shelves. Divide them into two categories, for the same reason as the shelves in backplane supermarkets. Completely save space. Supermarket back mesh shelves are lighter. So in terms of load-bearing, it may not be as good as the shelves of the backboard supermarket. However, the shelf price of the back net supermarket is generally cheaper than that of the backplane supermarket.

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