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What is the purchase method of tobacco and wine cabinet

Tobacco and alcohol cabinets can often be seen in stores, and many people need to choose tobacco and alcohol cabinets when opening a store. When I was choosing, I found that I didn't know much about them, so everyone knows what should be paid attention to when placing the tobacco and alcohol cabinet?
What is the purchase method of tobacco and wine cabinet
1. Tobacco and wine cabinets are divided into two categories: compressor wine cabinets and semiconductor wine cabinets. Among them, compressor wine cabinets can be divided into two categories: direct cooling and air cooling. Compressor wine coolers and semiconductor wine coolers have their own advantages and disadvantages, and different cooling methods lead to different cooling effects. The temperature control range of compressor refrigeration is larger than that of semiconductor refrigeration. Generally, the temperature control range of compressor wine coolers is 5~22°C, while semiconductor refrigeration is generally 10~18°C or 12-22°C; The influence of ambient temperature is relatively small, and it can be used normally even in high temperature areas; the semiconductor wine cabinet is greatly affected by the ambient temperature (the internal temperature can only be 8-10° lower than the ambient temperature).
2. During the aging process of wine, harmful gas sulfur dioxide will be produced, and sulfur dioxide will harm the cork, thereby deteriorating the wine quality. In wine cellars, sulfur dioxide can be removed by natural ventilation, but in a closed-loop environment such as wine cabinets, sulfur dioxide will accumulate. Generally speaking, open the door once every ten days to ventilate the wine cabinet, and the sulfur dioxide can be eliminated, but the collectors who are particular do not want to disturb the long-term sleep of the wine every ten days. Therefore, for the air environment, the most considerate design is to install The ventilation and circulation system of activated carbon, so as long as the activated carbon is changed every two or three years, the wine can be kept in a good air environment.
3. Humidity control is also an essential item for a good wine cabinet, because humidity will affect the cork, and improper humidity will cause the cork to crack or rot, which will have a fatal impact on the wine. The suitable storage humidity for wine is between 65% and 75%, and the average humidity in the wine cabinet without humidity control function is about 55%, which can easily dry the cork.